Monthly Archives: September 2007

Perry Stone Jr.

Perry Stone Prophecy Update ~ Speculation Is Running High!

When dealing with the prophetic word I made every effort to remind people that that there is a difference between prophetic revelation and human speculation. The prophets from the Bible are 100% accurate. Their visions and dreams of coming events will come to pass. The missing element in the mix is the exact timing of each event. We have a “sure word of prophecy” through the revelation of Scripture, but the timing of the events is unknown and subject to human speculation.

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The Bible

The Bible: Truth or Fiction?

What evidence is there that the Bible is in fact God’s Word? In our opinion, the first step to understanding the times in which we are now living, or the “End Times” is to first consider the source for which I (we), “Futurists” base our opinion.

The Evangelical, Christian Bible (New King James for me) is one of the most accurate and proven books ever written.

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