The Abrahamic Convenant

Confirmation of the Abrahamic Covenant


I have asked my friend Randal Russell to post the graph of the time window illustrating the estimated probability for the confirmation of The Abrahamic Covenant in Israel on his website. 

This graph is derived from fascinating numerical information received over the past 7+ years.  It is an interpretation of the numerics that has always pointed to the 2012-2013 time window, never before and never after. 

Since we are now in this time window, this is now the time to test the accuracy of the interpretation.  I thought is best to have the graph posted prior to the possible event so that no one could claim I made it up after the fact.  I personally cannot see the future, so if the information is correct, it comes from a different source than myself. 

Confirmation of the Abrahamic Covenant

If a temporary or provisional affirmation of the right for Israel to exist specifically as a Jewish nation does not occur by November 30, 2013, then all the numerics break down as a pointer to this upcoming event described in Biblical prophecy.  The numerics are still valid as interpreted to point to other significance, but not to the significance of when the confirmation of the Abrahamic Covenant is to occur.

If the Abrahamic Covenant event does occur in the time window illustrated, I hope to later share the numerics on how exactly the time window was arrived at and the massive implications that follow.

Your Brother In Christ,
Mike MaGee M.D.

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  • Michael Magee, MD

    Reply Reply August 3, 2013

    I am writing this quick note to serve as documentation that I didn’t make things up after the fact, if what I am looking at turns out to become reality. It involves English word analysis, Dan *:&, a date and a religious holiday.
    I will provide specifics, if it does happen. If not, then in the words of Gilda Radner, “Never mind..,”

    Again to validate the credibility of something that hasn’t yet happen, it is best to document it ahead of time, even though I do it today in a coded manner.

    One of the things I enjoy doing is observing the association of English words with respect to the name of a famous or infamous person and with respect to a related event, action or reality. For example, take Israel’s role in making known the reality of God…God Israel or … “God is Real!”. Another one would be: Which US president started a program that helped bring down the Soviet Iron Curtain? That program was widely known as Star Wars. This included laser weapons in space. The answer: Reagan…..or “Ray gun”! Sounds silly at first, doesn’t it? More recently, when all the news press claimed that the NSA whistleblower Snowden was going to Latin America for asylum, I consistently claimed, “No he’s not! He will go to a place where his den will be in snow, Snow den!” As predicted by the name, he has been accepted in Russia, a very snowy place, just ask Napoleon or Hitler, if you could. There are many more examples that I have come across to continue to validate the point, but that is not germane to the main topic of this note. It is also important to note that if you are not famous or infamous, the analysis really doesn’t work.

  • Michael Magee, MD

    Reply Reply August 3, 2013

    Also, in reference to the above probability time curve. I believe that there is a possibility that the event that starts the last week could have already occurred in March 2013 in consistency with the time curve. However, I cannot confirm this at this time. So you may say sarcastically, “Great! Then what good is the information to us now?” The answer is that, if true, it is not useful to us at present, but may be very useful in the next 3 years. In either case, true or false, the discussion is fascinating to those scholars who consider Daniel 9:27 in the context of different Biblical translations. Specifically in this case the King James vs. the Jewish Translation. The meanings are very different. And the difference has huge consequence on accurately identifying the event. I believe even Chuck Missler has alluded to the important distinction of translation. I will elaborate more as additional confirmation comes to light. If confirmed, I suspect this too will be a focus of eschalogical disagreement within the next few years.

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