Thomas Bailey Jr

In Memory of: Thomas Jefferson Bailey Jr. ~ A Velvet Covered Brick

My mentor and friend…It’s been Two and a half years since Tom’s passing on. I miss him a lot. Tom was one who would always tell it like it is; always backing up his advice with scripture. He was very solid, yet approachable… “A Velvet Covered Brick”!

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Journey To The Underworld Large

Perry Stone Conference – Feb 2008 LaMarque, Tx

Well, I recently attended one of Perry’s many conferences down in LaMarque, Tx, just south of Houston Feb 20-24, 2008. It was a five day conference where he shared more intriguing information regarding prophetic things to come, as well as new insights to old, familiar teachings. He held a morning and evening service each day,…

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Osama Bin Ladin

On The Verge of World War III

First, the intelligence services in North America and our allies throughout the world have collected data indicating Iran is a serious security threat. The present political leader of Iraq, Ahmadinejad, is an, “Apocalyptic Muslim.” He believes in the appearing of the 12th Imam who will reemerge from occultation at the end of days, following a great war between the east and the west. This man identified in the Shi’ite tradition as the Mahdi, (the awaited or expected one), will arise from the Middle East at a time when Islam is in crises. He will unite the Islamic nations under his control and defeat the Jews, Christians and all infidels. A group of Imams (Islamic religious leaders) in Iran believe it is their divine assignment to prepare the way for this soon to appear Islamic messiah. Based upon an alleged dream, the president or Iran by defeating Israel and America, will expedite the arrival of the Mahdi.

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Nuclear Explosion

Israeli Minister ~ Apocalypse Over Nuclear Programs

“Israeli Strategic Affairs minister Avigdor Lieberman tells the Jerusalem Post that Egyptian and Saudi Arabian intentions to ramp up their nuclear programs in the face of Iran’s move to nuclear power present an “apocalyptic scenario” for Israel as well as for the rest of the world.

If Egypt and Saudi Arabia begin nuclear programs, this can bring an apocalyptic scenario upon us,” Lieberman told the Post. “Their intentions should be taken seriously and the declarations being made now are to prepare the world for when they decide to actually do it.””

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What’s Happening To All Of The Nations Bees?

“Farmers who grow fruits, vegetables and nuts need five basic things: soil, seed, sun, water and honeybees. The pollination of crops by honeybees is crucial to the production of one-third of all the foods we eat. So when billions of bees began to mysteriously disappear in 2006, it set off a number of warning bells. Steve Kroft speaks with beekeeper David Hackenberg, who first noticed the problem, and some scientists working to bring the bees back.”

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Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert

WHY Is Israel Dividing The Land – AGAIN?

Israel is certainly in a terrible bind. If they do not give up the land the continual threat of internal terrorism against the Jewish people is upon them. If they do, then there is a threat of terrorist coming from Gaza and Lebanon and moving closer to the Jewish settlements.

What is unique is the prophet Ezekiel describes much of what is occurring in Ezekiel 35 and 36. Chapter 35 beings as a prophecy against Mount Seir in Jordan which is the actual origin of the Palestinian people.

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Israeli Fighter Jet

Tensions Rise As Lebanon Fires on Israeli WarPlanes…

“Lebanese troops opened fire Thursday on IAF warplanes flying low over southern Lebanon, but no hits were reported, Lebanese officials said. Lebanese soldiers opened up with machine guns and light anti-aircraft weapons mounted on armored vehicles at two planes that flew by just east of Marjayoun near the border at midmorning, a Lebanese security official said. A total of 150 rounds were fired, he added.

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