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Nuclear Explosion

The War of Gog and MaGog ~ Understanding Ezekiel 38-39

The Ezekiel Option is based on the prophecies found in the Bible, specifically in the Book of Ezekiel, chapters 38 and 39; remarkably, the Hebrew Prophet Ezekiel, writing more than 2,500 years ago, was able to look down the corridors of time and see nations not yet born, and alliances not yet formed. In doing so, he foretold the rise of a Russian military alliance with Iran and other Middle Eastern countries to annihilate Israel during the earth’s “last days.” This is known by many Bible scholars as the “War of Gog and Magog.” In this war, Ezekiel says the world will see a supernatural judgment of these enemies of Israel, and a spiritual awakening unparalleled in human history.

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The Bible

The Bible: Truth or Fiction?

What evidence is there that the Bible is in fact God’s Word? In our opinion, the first step to understanding the times in which we are now living, or the “End Times” is to first consider the source for which I (we), “Futurists” base our opinion.

The Evangelical, Christian Bible (New King James for me) is one of the most accurate and proven books ever written.

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