The Energy Non-Crisis

The World Bank and IMF are controlling Gas Prices?


The Energy Non-Crisis

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Is Iran about to offer cheaper oil than Saudi Arabia?

Rev. Lindsay Williams, a Chaplin with executive status on the Prudhoe Bay Pipeline; the largest construction project in history to that time, was present at the discovery of an oil field below Gull Island the size of the Prudhoe Bay pool.

Rev. Lindsay saw the gusher and test results come in and an executive of the oil company at Gull Island told the pastor that there are many pools of oil like that at Prudhoe Bay under Alaska; but that the government won’t let them be touched. The government forced the oil companies to keep quiet or else they’d shut them down with over regulation.

I highly recommend that you take some time to view this man’s extremely sincere testimony. If what he says is true, it will teach you key buzz words and topics to listen for in the media to possibly assist in an education regarding the rising prices at the pumps.

The Energy Non-Crisis – Parts 1 thru 8

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This blog post isn’t directly related to Biblical Prophecy; however, I’m doing some research now on how God made Israel’s Old Testament highways desolate after He appointed them Terror. I believe through thorough research that America parallels ancient Israel spiritually, and the ancient Roman Empire Politically.

I look forward to posting that research one of these days real soon.

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  • Kingdom Engineer

    Reply Reply November 30, 2009

    This video is absolutely a MUST SEE to gain knowledge and understanding of our world today.

  • William Moffatt

    Reply Reply February 26, 2011

    Are you out to make money off this this so called crisis, what about people like me who have been out of work for a year and a half, how are we sopposed to protect ourselves?
    It sound like someone trying to create a crisis to , make money off selling Videos. .
    I dont know what to think, it sound like Lindsey Williams , has sold his soul, by working with these people.
    I heard Lindsey Williams, on coast to coast am last night, and im watching to see if these things he said, come true.
    Like the day of Rage in Saudi Arabia , on march 11th.
    Weve been studying end times in Church, and all this is what was taught about, the rise of the Anti-Christ.
    Why would a Chaplain work with the Anti-Christs Deciples, would’nt that make him one to?
    All of this was Pedicted in Revelations , China ,Russia, Islam, the US and others all play a role in the end times.

    • Kingdom Engineer

      Reply Reply July 24, 2011

      William… thx for your comments! I believe Lindsay genuinely cares for people; however, I also believe he is being fed misinformation because he does have an audience. At this point, I wouldn’t trust what Lindsay speaks about any longer. He’s only been right on a few items but the rest has failed miserably. For example… He was right about the oil price rise and fall back in 08; particularly the fall back to $40 p/barrel. He was also correct about the Egypt and middle east uprisings at the first part of 2011.

      I’ve studies prophecy for nearly 20 years… as I am a student as well, I don’t have all of the answers by any means. However, I can tell you that putting your trust and faith in Jesus is the only way to “protect yourself” (read Luke 21:34-36). The middle east isn’t getting any better, the UN vote for a Palestinian State is in Sept… the world economy is on the brink of collapse, and comet ELEnin is inbound to disrupt the earth’s gravitational pull this fall (Sept-Oct) according to the JPL website model. And one of the most interesting things about Sept is the constellation (Rev 12:1 prophecy… Woman clothed in the sun and the mood at her feet gives birth). Most of my information is posted on my Facebook wall. Feel free to friend me there and browse my wall at least back thru March (Japan Quake).

      Keep looking up… time seems to be shorter than you might think!
      In His Mighty Grip!

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