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On The Verge of World War III

Verge of WWIII - Osama Bin Laden

Recently, President Bush stunned the secular journalist when he announced that if Iran is permitted to continue their development of nuclear weapons, it could lead to World War III. Was this an outlandish statement to arouse support of the recent sanctions against Iran’s radical Islamic regime? Or, was it a fact of concern from a well informed world leader who knows much more than revealed publicly?

First, the intelligence services in North America and our allies throughout the world have collected data indicating Iran is a serious security threat. The present political leader of Iraq, Ahmadinejad, is an, “Apocalyptic Muslim.” He believes in the appearing of the 12th Imam who will reemerge from occultation at the end of days, following a great war between the east and the west. This man identified in the Shi’ite tradition as the Mahdi, (the awaited or expected one), will arise from the Middle East at a time when Islam is in crises. He will unite the Islamic nations under his control and defeat the Jews, Christians and all infidels. A group of Imams (Islamic religious leaders) in Iran believe it is their divine assignment to prepare the way for this soon to appear Islamic messiah. Based upon an alleged dream, the president or Iran by defeating Israel and America, will expedite the arrival of the Mahdi.

Ahmadinejad’s intentions to attack both Israel and America were made public shortly after his election. Our military recently tracked and stopped ships from North Korea with nuclear materials on them, headed for Iran. One very serious aspect of the Iranian threat is the development of a chemical that can be placed in the water supply of a major city and could kill as many as 2 million at one time. This chemical was developed in Iran and has already been tested on large animals and on people near the border of Iran. High level Israeli and American intelligence are familiar with this danger.

The situation is much more than Iran developing a capability for nuclear warheads. They are only about 18 months away from having the warheads capable for action.

  • Will America initiate a pre-emptive strike?
  • Will Israel hit with a sudden surprise attack?
  • Will the leader in Iran be forced from power or assassinated, by internal dissidents?

By in large 80% of the Iranian people appreciate America and many Persians have family or close friends living in the United States. For centuries Jews and Iranians were friendly towards one another, until the Iranian revolution in 1979. Then, the Islamic fanatics seized the U.S. embassy for 444 days planting anti-western hatred. There is the issue of Apocalyptic Islam, nuclear warheads, biological and chemical WMDS, and the fact that Iran has planned to slowly control Iraq once the U.S. troops are removed.

  • So how do we respond to this imminent threat?
  • Do we rest in false security even when our own cities are in danger?
  • Do we pre-empt another strike and enter a third battle arena?
  • Do we put on a show of force but allow Israel to hit their targets while we provide back up support?

Let’s look at this situation from another angle.

  • If President Bush chooses not to attack while he is in office, choosing to, “Let the next president handle the situation,” how comfortable would you feel with the next president (considering all the candidates) taking charge of the situation?
  • Do you think a President Hillary Clinton would have the will power and the backing from liberals to take America into conflict?
  • What about on the other side of the isle? Would it not be better to settle the issue now, as to put it off until later and perhaps give Iran the time to be a nuclear nightmare in Israel, and yes, America’s back yard?

Students and prophetic scholars are noting the amazing maturing of the times of the Gentiles and the many prophetic stepping stones and milestones indicating we are in the last days. We must always acknowledge the Lord is in control and our trust is in Him. He has written the script and we are the actors and the stage.

The final act is about to begin!

– by Perry Stone, Jr.


I think brother Perry is right on… Do you believe that someone like Hillary can actually lead America against the Middle East or gain the respect of Arab leaders? How do you think Arab leaders currently view women, especially in a leadership role and leading the United States of America? Give me a break… No offense to our women; but IF Hillary is elected we (America) can kiss it goodbye!

And think about the 2000 Presidential election between Bush and Gore: God is ultimately in control and knows not only the future, but also who’s best qualified to run any country.

I’m reminded of Daniel 2:20-21:

“Blessed be the name of God forever and ever, for wisdom and might are His. And He changes the times and the seasons; He removes kings and raises up kings; He gives wisdom to the wise and knowledge to those who have understanding.”

Do you think that it’s coincidence that Saddam was removed from power?

Do you really think that Bush stole the election?

I’ll tell you this, and Perry said it best: IF Gore and Lieberman (a Jew) would have won the election, do you think that we would have had any chance to conduct the War on Terror in ANY Islamic/Muslim country (i.e., Afghanistan, Saudi Arabia, Turkey). Islam would have surely thought that a Jewish conspiracy was in play to take over the Middle East via the United States! God knows what He is doing; and Bush is the man for the current job.

I truly believe deep down in my heart that 2008-2010 will be prophetically catastrophic for the world; and yet a glorious new beginning for all “obedient” born-again believers.

Do you KNOW HIM?

In His Mighty Grip!
Kingdom Engineer

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