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Perry Stone Conference – Feb 2008 LaMarque, Tx

Well, I recently attended one of Perry’s many conferences down in LaMarque, Tx, just south of Houston Feb 20-24, 2008. It was a five day conference where he shared more intriguing information regarding prophetic things to come, as well as new insights to old, familiar teachings.

He held a morning and evening service each day, Wed-Sun. Topics included:

1. Perry StoneDid Daniel See America As A Last Day Empire: A New Look At An Old Beast.

  • During this teaching, Perry covered the ancient prophecies in Daniel Chapters 2, 7 & 8.
  • Traditionally we have been taught that the Empires, or Kingdoms have come and gone one after another down through history and that there will only be one empire divided into 10 territories at his return.

To summarize, this prophecy has a duel, prophetic application… Perry uncovered how that ALL of the Gentile Kingdoms will have to be in power at the same time in the last days.

2. An Earthly Glimpse Behind Heavens Gate: New Discoveries Concerning The Resurrection, Heaven And New Jerusalem.

  • This session included some amazing insights into science, technology, and what it could possibly be like living, traveling, and communicating with our glorified bodies.
  • One of the most interesting differentiations between the traditional teaching of the New Jerusalem coming down out of heaven in the shape of a cube is the possibility of it being in the shape of a Pyramid. Now that knowledge nugget won’t get you saved, but it sure made much more sense. Think about it! The Great Pyramids???

3. The Jerusalem Mystery-The Original Road To Heaven: The Mysterious Link Of Jerusalem To Adam And The Ancient Garden Of Eden.


  • This session included some amazing insights that he has written about in his new book: “Unusual Prophecies Being Fulfilled: Jerusalem’s Mysterious Connection to the Ancient Garden of Eden and How Christ Will Restore Paradise on Earth!” This is the 5th book in the series. I have it, have read it, and it’s awesome!
  • In it he suggests that is possible that the ancient Jewish Temple once stood on the same mountain where the tree of life once grew?

    Unusual Prophecies Being Fulfilled - Book 5

    Click on image to purchase on

  • What if the Holy of Holies was the actual place where God came down to commune with Adam?
  • What if the back of the Mount of Olives was the location where Adam and Eve sewed fig leave aprons after the fall?
  • What if the city of Adam near Jericho was the place Adam lived after he was expelled from the garden?
  • In the book, and in this teaching session, Perry spoke about the link between Jerusalem and the Garden of Eden.

4. God’s Amazing Cosmic Code: How Prophecies Are Encoded Within The Cosmic Signs In The Heavens.

  • Have you ever wondered how the people from Adam to Noah viewed the stars? We learned in this message how God showed these men His plan for man in the stars. I guarantee that you’ve never viewed the Constellations quite like this.

5. A Journey To The Center Of The Earth: Entering The Underworld Of Spirits Through The “Gates” Under The Dead Sea.

  • This was an incredible session as well. You can find this teaching on his new “Journey to the Underworld” DVD that he recently released. This is a must see video for everyone!

    Journey To The Underworld

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  • Five types of chambers are located under the earth. Their entrances are under the seas. Preached on location in Israel, journey with Perry as he unlocks astonishing insight into where sinners go after death. Hear how the famous Dead Sea may be the future site of the lake of fire!

6. A New Look At The Mark Of The Beast: Is Islamic Symbolism Connected To The Future Mark Of Revelation 13?

  • Again, in this message Perry uncovered some amazing insight into the original writings of the famous “666” phrase in the bible. According to his discussions with former PLO Terrorist, Walid Shoebat, Perry shows that before the bible was translated 350 A.D., that these numbers were actually characters or symbols that are found in Islam today representing the name of Allah.

7. Ancient Prophecies Being Fulfilled In Israel: See How God Is Preparing Israel For Christ’s Return.

  • This message actually paralleled one of his past DVD messages entitled: “25 Unusual Signs of Christ’s Second Coming”.
  • Four Biblical prophecies revealing how the Jews would return to Israel in the last days

    25 Unusual Signs of Christ's Second Coming

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  • Seven types of cosmic signs, some occurring in our time, indicating the return of Christ.
  • The recent research discovering the lost tribes of Israel in Pakistan and Afghanistan.
  • Astonishing new research about the Dome of the Rock and the rebuilding of the Temple.
  • How 1967 was a major prophetic year and may have initiated the final generation.
  • Ezekiel’s amazing prophecy of the dry bones and it’s recent fulfillment.

This teaching also includes a special segment taped on location in Israel, showing the amazing fulfillment of ancient prophecies concerning the desert and the Dead Sea!

Unusual Prophecies Being Fulfilled - Book 4

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8. How Biblical Prophecy Has Influenced World Leaders And Changed History: Amazing Untold Stories Revealing The “Political Power’ Of Biblical Prophecy.

This message was taken from his fourth book in the “Unusual Prophecies Being Fulfilled Book Series” – It began with an Apparition in 1917…It will conclude with a false prophet in the Future!

  • Take a journey behind the scenes of the future merging of religion and politics. Discover how a 1917 Apparition of Mary and an assassination attempt inspired a plan for the dismantling of the Iron Curtain.
  • Learn about the possibility that a future false apparition may initiate the merging of Islam and apostate Christianity under one leader-the false prophet of Revelation 13.

In His Mighty Grip!
Kingdom Engineer

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Randall Russell

A student of Biblical Christian Eschatology!


  • Carolyn Spaulding

    Reply Reply July 9, 2008

    Perry, I awoke one night and had left the television on and you and your dad were on an informal broadcast of sharing on the conference of 2008 and the “times of the end” Can this conference be purchased? Carolyn

  • Kingdom Engineer

    Reply Reply July 9, 2008

    Hi Carolyn,

    You may want to direct this question to Perry Stone ministries located here. Or try their CampMeeting offers.

    Sometimes when they run out of a particular meeting you cannot obtain it. So if they don’t have it listed on their website you may try calling them and asking. They are some of the nicest customer service people you’ll meet.

    In His Mighty Grip!

  • Carol Breeden

    Reply Reply October 3, 2008

    Perry: You were on the Marcus and Joni Lamb show this week and you mentioned something about a central banking system. Where can I get more information on what you were talking about.?

  • Kingdom Engineer

    Reply Reply October 3, 2008

    Hi Carol… you may be referencing a message Perry did at the St. Louis conference this year. I would also recommend the DVD “EndGame” by Alex Jones. You can get it at ( It’s a two hour dvd that will really get your blood boiling. Also, look up anything that has to do with “The Monopoly Men”. (i.e., The Money Masters).

    In His Mighty Grip!
    Kingdom Engineer

  • Pastor Inez Ross

    Reply Reply December 2, 2008

    I enjoyed your teachings

  • jimmy phillips

    Reply Reply March 6, 2009

    i am a member alcc and i was there at the 2008
    meetings! my life has not been the same.

  • ruth

    Reply Reply March 8, 2009

    Learn about the possibility that a future false apparition may initiate the merging of Islam and apostate Christianity under one leader-the false prophet of Revelation 13…..

    The great falling away..

    Epitaph for the Obama ministers..

    When he set about to steal a nation
    He called them the Joshua generation
    As he promised them the kingdom from creation.
    And caused within them a great feeling of elation..

    He wooed them with flattery and so many lies,
    Even a wisdom tree to make them very wise..
    A tree like Eden’s that would cause their demise.
    This evil tree is clue to his false messiah disguise..

    The prophetic warnings they did not heed
    Of the end time battle with the devil’s seed…
    This devils wisdom turned the wheat to weed..
    And they joined the legions of the devil’s seed
    Genesis 3:15

    They did not remember what Jesus the saviour had said
    In the Word of God they many times had read..
    But now so far removed they could not be led…
    And forgot about the saviour they had promised to be wed

    They didn’t know the Word that they had scorned.
    Is the seed divine whereby a man is reborn…
    Their bridal clothes would never be worn
    They will wish in time they had not been born..

  • ruth

    Reply Reply March 18, 2009

    How naive we are….America and/or the catholic church are not the beast or the harlot of Revelation 13, 17, 18…
    The beast of Revelation 13 is a counterfeit of Jesus and the church… It is the body of the serpent…Complete with a messiah, and his body of false prophets.. It is also the false prophets of Matt 7 that build on SAND…Notice John is standing on the SAND of the sea in Rev. 13-1..ISHAMELS SAND OF THE SEA….This is islam… How else would satan claim he is God except by saying he is the GOD OF ABRAHAM..
    The harlot of Rev 17, 18 is that body of people who have gone whoring after strange gods beginning with cain…and including the great falling away of Christians.. Now I have another little poem…I hope it doesn’t bore anyone…
    The was a man many eons ago that did prophecy
    Of the sun arising in the west in the future by and by.
    This prophecy of course appeared to be a lie..
    A prophecy akin to pie in the sky…

    They did not know the west would soon be found
    Across the oceans where righteous men would soon abound.
    And preach the gospel to all men around.
    In preparation for the sun that would bring the nations down..

    The sun arising in the west meant more than men could know..
    Until in the west, would arise in flesh, the worst of mankind’s foe
    His flattery and lies, in hearts of men he would sow.
    Until the Lord would say, “these I do not know”.

    The sun arising in the west was prophecy of the light,
    The morning star, the Lucifer that comes to earth to fight..
    He comes as a messiah and promises them their sight.
    But makes them blind as bats and children of the night…

    The dividing line is among us now, the sun has risen in the west.
    His logo even flaunts it , but the deceived still call him blessed..
    His counterfeit of the Eden tree is now the final test..
    Those that know the difference in the Eden trees will be among the best..

    The ones who eat the wisdom of the evil tree today..
    Will be among the damned ones cast into the Broad Way.
    The two trees of the Garden are part of judgement day..
    The sunrise in the west is more than men can say..

    The man who prophesied of the sun rise in the west to be
    Named this sun of guidance, and said he will be named after me.
    Hussein would be the name to carry this man’s legacy..
    A blessing to the Arabs but a lightning curse to you and me…

  • Rita Miller

    Reply Reply August 4, 2009

    I have been searching for a message by Bro. Perry STone that I heard recently about where your spirit goes after death here on earth. Thank You. Also please send be a listing thru the mail on his books and dvd. thank you. Rita G Miller

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