Replica of Noahs Ark by Johan Huibers

Noah's Ark ReplicatedAs of today, May 11, 2009, its the “17th day of the 2nd month” Iyyar 17 (Genesis 7:11), the day Noah entered the Ark.

The Jewish Civil calendar starts at Rosh Hashana (Tishri 1 (Sept Time Frame) – Like our Jan 1) and the Jewish Religious calendar starts at Nisan 1 – March Time Frame)… Therefore, this is the month of Iyyar in the Jewish year 5769. (Download 2009 Jewish Calendar)

I don’t know about you, but I found this task to be quite remarkable. He’s a real life “Evan Almighty”!

by PastorBlog…

Dutch creationist Johan Huibers of Schagen, the Netherlands has built a massive replica of Noah’s Ark. Johan’s ark is 150 cubits long, 30 cubits high, and 20 cubits wide, which approximates two-thirds of a football field in length and three stories tall in height. As big as it is, it is only 1/5 the size of the original Ark, which was 300 cubits long, 30 cubits high, and 50 cubits wide.

Noah's Ark Replicated 1

Johan got the idea to build the ark after having a dream about the Netherlands being flooded. He plans to set sail in September and travel to other parts of the country and eventually to major cities in Belgium and Germany.

Noah's Ark Replicated 2

Noah's Ark Replicated 3

Noah's Ark Replicated 4

The official website, which has lots of pictures and videos, is

Noah's Ark Replicated 5

More coverage here:


There is also a 2nd Ark that has been recently completed and opened to the public in Hong Kong:

Time is very, very short my friends…. Be watchful, ready, and keep looking up because our redemption is drawing near!

In His Mighty Grip!
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