Pacific Rim - Ring of Fire

Ring of Fire and the Birth Pangs Prophecy

Birth pangs leading up to child birth is exactly the analogy that Jesus used in describing the “time of the end” or the “end of the age” in Matt 24.

Check this out!  According to all of the internet buzz, etc… there appears to be a link between “Comet” Elenin and the three major earthquakes during the past year and a half.  Do the math… there are 188 (189) Days between the Chile (Feb 27, 2010) and Christ Church (Sept 3, 2010 is the official USGS date) quake; however some sites such asWikipedia list it as Sept 4th; then another 188-189 days between Christ Church and Japan (Mar 11, 2011)… is this a pattern of divine intervention or just a coincidence?

Well, as these quakes appear to be making their way around the Pacific rim “Ring of Fire”… 188 (189) days from March 11, 2011 land on Sept 14th-15th… which is also the “time-frame”, according to the NASA JPL Website that Saturn-Elenin-Earth are in alignment, and the way these events are going around the Pacific Rim (Ring of Fire) it looks like the West coast of North America could be next?

This is serious folks…. If you live on the West Coast or have family in that area I highly recommend that you forward this page to them and give them a warning!  Get some extra food and water, etc… just in case!  It is highly possible that the west coast of North America could experience a Japan size quake or greater the week of Sept 12th!

Also, as of yesterday (Sept 9, 2011)… did you notice the 6.4 M earthquake in Vancover, Canada? Here is the latest info presented by youtuber DutchSinse on the Vancover quake yesterday!

Now here is the whole kicker and how this may tie into natural “Child Birth”, labor pangs, birth pangs, etc… Did you know that when a baby’s head is “crowning” right at child birth there is a stinging sensation that occurs… get this, known as the “Ring of Fire”!  Simply google “ring of fire” and “child birth” and you’ll find some information on it!

Well, according to the Rev 12:1 prophecy… the constellation Virgo is about to give birth on the 30th (Jewish Rosh Hashanah)… Feast of Trumpets… I’m just sayin!!!  Does this all sound like foolishness and one huge coincidence or does it appear that the earth is about to give birth to the Tribulation period?  Read Rev 6 and 8 for Gods word on “Cosmic Disturbances”…

With the UN about to vote to create a Palestine state on Sept 20th… the scenario is looking very ominous for non-believers and a time of joy for believers in Christ!


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>>>UPDATE 9/11/11<<<

6.0 Magnitude Earthquake in Vanuatu — Uptick Continues

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  • Randall Russell

    Reply Reply September 16, 2011

    So much for the 188 Day theory… I’m sure the West Coast is still on deck!

  • 95Zack

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