What’s Happening To All Of The Nations Bees?


Excerpt from 60 Minutes segment:

“Farmers who grow fruits, vegetables and nuts need five basic things: soil, seed, sun, water and honeybees. The pollination of crops by honeybees is crucial to the production of one-third of all the foods we eat. So when billions of bees began to mysteriously disappear in 2006, it set off a number of warning bells. Steve Kroft speaks with beekeeper David Hackenberg, who first noticed the problem, and some scientists working to bring the bees back.”

As a student of Eschatology for the past decade… It just may have something to do with the impending Black horse rider in the book of Revelation. I would have to agree with Dr. Perry Stone and his video taping with Bill Cloud on what’s happening with the bees from a biblical perspective. The biggest contributor is most likely the Science (Pesticides), and the Technology of the day that is fulfilling the scriptures.

What I’ve discovered by studying the scriptures is that this is merely a symptom, or another sign of the last days. Particularly where the Bible provides an explanation of an end time famine approaching (Rev 6). Could this be the foundation for the appearance of the 3rd horse of the Apocalypse? I’m just sayin’! You don’t see it on this side of the Rapture… but the world will see it on the other side of the Rapture. It’s also believed that Elijah is one of the two witnesses, and back in his day, it didn’t rain for 3.5 years… history has a funny way of repeating itself.

Bill Cloud has an excellent teaching and perspective in his video called “The LAST Day Famine”.

>>>UPDATE<<< (May 2, 2008)
Honey Bee Die-Off Threatens Food Supply Breaking News Update

ScienceDaily (May 26, 2008)
Honey Bee Losses Continue To Rise In U.S. Breaking News Update

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  • Kyle

    Reply Reply June 15, 2008

    This problem is in conjunction with the food crises around the globe. As we ever approach the End Times we are seeing the Book of revelation manna-fest, Ooops! I mean manifest. (Sorry I had to put that lil jab in there LOL!)

    The problem is multi-faceted however. Not only has the bee population decreased significantly but we have had recent natural disasters in the plain states which grows wheat and corn, food crops being used for fuel, and our own Federal Reserve debasing the dollar. Let me address each point.

    The worst flood EVER just happened in Iowa. I can only imagine what the price of corn per bushel is going to be on Monday. This will not only increase food costs and food shortages, but will cause gas prices to increase seeing most gas is at least 15% ethanol and we know where that comes from-Corn.

    As the worlds penchant for oil consumption increases, so too will the demands on bio-fuels follow. In essence were cutting our own throats by attempting to avert one problem oil, with another, food shortages.

    Lastly the Federal Reserve has been printing money at such a feverish pace that the price increase in commodities such as food and oil are reflective of such monetary inflation. In essence our own country is causing a major part in the price inflation globally.

    If you already do not know ALL OIL TRANSACTIONS IN THE WORLD MUST USE US DOLLARS. Because of this anything priced in US dollars will be subject to massive inflation. The problem is that with the US national debt at 9.4 trillion and our yearly budget deficit in the hundreds of billions there is no other way to finance everything except by printing more money.

    To put it more soberly our GDP is around 14 trillion and our “current” national debt is approaching 10 trillion. Common sense should dictate that if I got 14 bucks in my pocket of which I owe 10, then really I only have 4 bucks. But that’s not the scary part. The scary part is that our growth projections are smaller than our debt projections. Within a decade we will be owing MORE than what we have in GDP.

    Also, countries have been using their Sovereign Wealth Funds to purchase US infrastructure and companies. Recently the Pennsylvania Turnpike was sold to the Spanish. Abu-Dhabi has been purchasing our financial institutions. Two skyscrapers in NY have been sold to foreign interest. And this is just in the past month.

    Essentially we don’t have the money to finance our debt to these other nations. In return they are gobbling up America. Besides, if you can’t pay your debt, doesn’t the bank have the right to repossess your home? Because of this, the Federal Reserve is on a mission to print as much money as possible to pay for everything in the short term. The long term prospect is total destruction of the American Economy and the subsequent world economies will follow. Oh! and when I say long term I mean within the decade or less. All of this will cause MASSIVE inflation even worse then the 1970s and a depression worse than the 1930s. Word of advice. Get out of debt NOW!


  • Kingdom Engineer

    Reply Reply June 18, 2008

    Kyle, great input here. You’ve got good statistics and insight into the system… more than I do; but I completely agree with what you’re saying.

    The recent floods, missing bees, skyrocketing economy, and not to mention the possibly of the Tribulation being right around the corner. If Elijah is one of the two witnesses to soon appear and history repeats itself, God will cause a drought for 3.5 years too.

    And to absolutely bring our friend Perry into this, he recently posted an article, to which I parroted here: Prophetic Alert – Silent Global Famine. He elaborates on the impending famine on a global scale.

    Truly signs of the End Time. I will be posting an article soon relating to all Four of the Riders of the Apocalypse soon and how we can see the foundation already in place for their arrival.

    In His Mighty Grip…

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