Back Wall of Economic Hurricane in July 2009? Part C/C

Donald Trump - Dollar Collapse

Part C: Putting forth my best speculation on how and when the next stage of the economic collapse will occur, if it happens.

To quickly review:

Part A contains information that is readily available to all and already known by millions, but not by billions. This information remains quite valid and contains realities that will affect us in the future.

Part B contains a collection of unique; possibly God inspired information that might focus on the July 2009 time frame. But what is most likely to happen in this time frame? What is up with all the focus on “79”? Time will fully soon tell.

Preliminary Analysis on information presented in Part B on “79” or 07/2009

Before proceeding with Part C, I want to take the opportunity to comment on events that history has recorded so far in July 2009.

Originally, I expected to post Part C much earlier in July, but the delay in its posting now gives us the opportunity to see if anything that was suggested in Part B might have already begun to happen. Indeed, I believe there might be a confirmation. Nothing we can prove beyond a doubt, but very intriguing. When I wrote Part B, I had no foreknowledge that on 7/9/2009 or the 17th of Tammuz that the G8/G14 meeting was going to take place. But I did write:

Interpretative Questions: Will July 9, 2009 / 17th of Tammuz mark the very day in which we will be able to see some major American guarantee be broken to pieces? Will it be something all Americans had trusted to be “written in stone”? Will America’s idol worship of its primary god, money, be analogous to the golden calf of Moses’ day? Will this break of a guarantee take the form of the beginning of the dollar plunge and/or a major break of our US Constitution?”


“The failure of the [stock market] rally that started at 666.79 also might be associated with key events that will in time lead to the implementation of the mark of the beast, as suggested by “666”. If the mark of the beast is associated with a global cashless currency, then a dollar collapse logically has to happen at some point. The mark of the beast Biblical prophecy will be fulfilled one way or another.”

Obviously, we now know for sure that a full manifestation of a dollar collapse has not occurred yet. And we also know that it is too early for a global cashless currency (a possible “666” manifestation). But were the seeds of a global currency sewn on July 9th?

Let’s look what happened at the G8/G14 meeting on July 9, 2009.

  • China demands currency reform at G8 meeting

MedvedevThis information was made public. Who, but the world elite, knows what was signed behind closed doors on July 9, 2009, the 17th of Tammuz? Did something occur to breach the outer defensive wall of America’s economic sovereignty just as Jerusalem’s outer defensive stone walls were breached in day in history by both the Babylonians (First Temple era) and by the Romans (Second Temple era)?

Update on the Congressional Effort to Audit the Federal Reserve

Republicans Debate - Ron PaulRon Paul, congressman from Texas, has introduced a bill, HR 1207, to audit the Federal Reserve. Co-sponsors of the bill have grown tremendously to over 270 Congressman, both Republican and Democrat. Mr. Paul was just on the Glen Beck program this week. He reported that despite the overwhelming public and Congressional support for the bill, “leadership from above” sent word down to Capital Hill to thwart any debate on the bill.

Is the United States of America still a republic or is it now more of a dictatorship of the world elites?

Update on the “The Obama Rally Failure Hypothesis”

The rally failure hypothesis remains valid until the S&P 500 index closes above 1001.84, the price level high that was recorded when Obama was proclaimed, “President elect” on 11/5/2008 (depicted by the horizontal BLUE line in the chart below). There was a significant market turn in the July 7 to 9, 2009 time window as suggested by the time cycles presented in the stock chart illustrated in Part B, but it was a temporary bottom turning upward, not a top turning downward.

Below is the updated chart:

Stock Chart 2

In this time window of July 7 to 9, 2009, the S&P 500 index held in a very tight trading range near 879. Included in this are the intraday low in the S&P 500 index on 7/7/09 of 879.93 and a closing value on 7/8/2009 of 879.56.

Was the market trading range that centered about 879 in the July 7 to 9, 2009 time window just another coincidence or are we now supposed to look for an additional spiritual reality or earthly manifestation to begin in August, the 8th month? I do not know. But we may find out based on what happens around the 9th of Av this year, which occurs on July 30th – two days prior to August and one day prior to the scheduled Congressional August recess. A significant event may be tied to whether or not the US Congress passes socialized medicine against the will of the American people. In general, God uses the number 8 to mark a new beginning that will last for all eternity. (I intend to detail this fact fully in my book on God’s use of numbers). Once socialized medicine is passed it will be irreversible.

Curious Recent Side Story About The Number 8: My mother and I two weeks ago went to Costco to buy extra food for a Christian men’s home just in case the storm does hit soon. If food gets very expensive, it would be much more difficult to buy food for them later. We had two large push cart dollies that were stacked up high with food. Other customers walking by us would comment by saying things like, “Wow, looks like you’re going to feed an army!” When we got to the check out line, my mother, the checkout clerk and I all attempted to guess what the final bill would be just for fun. Interestingly, the final bill came out to be $777.81. Many already know that 777 represents a completed act of God in the earth realm specifically by the Holy Spirit, but as for the “.81” – what did that mean? I do not regard it with much predictive significant, but I said, “Maybe in means the food will be needed starting August 1, or 8/1.”

But getting back to the chart. It will be a new revelation to some readers to see for themselves in this chart that cycles of time do exist in markets at which times markets can make turns in direction. However, the July 7 to 9, 2009 time window did not mark the end of Obama Stock Market Rally. The fast upward movement that has occurred from this time may turn out to be what is known as a “short squeeze” in the market. This is an artificial rally that is analogous to a head fake in sports, which is used to falsely influence the opposition for a moment in time. From a world elite conspiracy perspective, this rally over the past week may pull the last players into the market just before the elite reverse the market downward hard and fast.

Socialized Medicine: The elite may also use an artificial rally to fool the country into believing that an economic recovery is indeed in progress and that the socialized medical health plan Congress wants to past this month will not bankrupt the nation. According to the neutral Congressional Budget Office, the current plan of the Democrats and the Obama Administration will not save the country money, but cost it significantly more than our current health care system. This may be the last straw that breaks the American eagle’s back. Until I see proof otherwise, I believe the elite want pass socialized medicine in America before they crash the dollar. Hopefully, they will not be successful on either endeavor.

Obama Marx

Socialized medicine is much more about controlling the population than helping people, as the government will dictate what medical care you can or cannot have. And the government will take away more money from you to facilitate their mandates on you! Likewise, crashing the dollar is also about control over the population, as it will make most Americans slaves to debt and to government by destroying the American liberty that comes from financial independence.

Why is Obama so desperately in a rush? Obama wants to have a bill passed in Congress prior to the Congressional August recess. Why is Obama so anxious to shove this legislation down the throats of the American public when the majority currently polled does not want the current plan being proposed? What is his hurry? What does he know that the public doesn’t? Is Obama anxious to get socialized medicine passed before the world elites crater the markets further? Please do not allow Obama to deceive you with false words and an eloquent speaking style!

The next major date to look at in this month of July is the 9th of Av on the Jewish calendar. This is the worst day in all Jewish history. It is the anniversary of the very day both first and second Jewish Temples were destroyed by the Babylonians (first Temple) and the Romans (second Temple).

This year on the Gregorian calendar the 9th of Av falls on July 30, 2009. I believe this is one day prior to the scheduled Congressional recess. Will Congress pass socialized medicine against the will of the people before they leave for August recess? If they do, the US government will cease to be a representative republic that the US Constitution has guaranteed. Symbolically, has our US Constitution been a type of temple that originally had been dedicated to God by our founding fathers? Will its destruction be a form of God’s judgment on America symbolically linked to the destruction of the Jewish Temples around the 9th of Av? I do not think socialized medicine will pass before the August recess, but I could be wrong.

9th of Av

Part C: Putting forth my best speculation on how and when the next stage of the economic collapse will occur, if it happens.

Up until recently, I had planned to publish a detailed speculation in Part C that incorporated all the pieces of the puzzle I have shared with you in Parts A and B of this article. I also had planned to present a great deal of supportive research. But, I have had a change of heart and mind for the following reason:

Although this Part C speculation was reasonable and quite researched, I do not have confidence that the Part C speculation was God inspired, rather my best personal effort, i.e. an effort of man and my own understanding. As such, it would be contrary to Proverbs 3.

Proverbs 3:5-7 Trust in the LORD with all your heart, And lean not on your own understanding; In all your ways acknowledge Him, And He shall direct your paths. Do not be wise in your own eyes Fear the LORD and depart from evil.

The only aspect of Part C that may be God inspired was an unusual very vivid dream that I had in 2008 in which I saw a panic dump of the US dollar on a financial chart. It was not a gradual dollar decline as many economists are now predicting. This is a sample of what industry experts are now saying:

The financial crisis has focused attention on the dollar’s structural weakness, but it’s not something that they’re going to change,” Jane Foley, research director at told Bloomberg. “The dollar’s importance will reduce over time, but it’s not going to be something which will happen quickly.”

But I do not have even one confirmation of the dollar panic dump dream. Even if the speculation in Part C turns out to be correct in a general way, the knowledge may not be a help specifically to your personal situation. So what good would it be for you? What lasting good is any information if it doesn’t bear good fruit for God’s eternal Kingdom?

So increase your focus on the Lord and view the following speculation with a lower regard.

The Speculative Summary of Part C:

For the sake of completion of this article, I will include a summary of my best speculation, but not the specific details from which it was derived.

There will be some causative circumstance that might be seen to begin in July 2009 that will physically manifest fully between July 2009 and the end of the year. Something that was signed behind closed doors in the G8 summit on 7/9/09 may begin a major breech of our national sovereignty and be related to the future implementation or the mark of the beast as discussed above.

This event may or may not manifest itself in the financial markets. But if it does, then this is what might happen:

What is immediately ahead? Deflation or Hyperinflation? Recovery?

Currently, there is a big debate amongst market professionals regarding what will happen in the financial markets from now to the end of the year. Will there be a “recovery” or will there be a negative outcome. If a negative outcome occurs, what form will it take on? Will there be deflation first followed next year by inflation? Or we will soon experience a hyperinflation spike this year associated with a dollar collapse? Both negative scenarios would see the general equity markets sell off, but the associative causes would be different. Are you going to be paying $1.20 per gallon of gasoline (deflation) or $10.00 per gallon (hyperinflation)? Will there be riots in the cities of America this fall? If so, what will be the cause of these?

I have second hand information that a group within the US Army has been given an extra large bonus of money by the US Government and was told to pay off their debts and buy 3 to 6 months of extra food for their families. (Perhaps you might do the same, because food is cheap right now.) They expect to be deployed within the US this fall for riot control. This information came to me around February 2009. I rechecked the source this week and the information still remains valid. Could it change in the future? Yes, of course. But what would cause military troop deployment with cities of America? Lindsey Williams still states he was told by one of the world elites that the US Dollar was going to collapse by December 2009. The writings of the CFR also stated that by 2010, they wanted to have implemented their North American Community. If this information turns out to be accurate and timely, then the hyperinflation spike would be a more likely occurrence by the end of this year. I believe the most likely scenario will be a hyperinflation super spike.

Therefore, from now to the end of the year, it is possible that we will see another major sell off in the equity markets. The Obama Stock Market Rally Failure Hypothesis holds that the stock market might go only a little bit higher from where it is now.

Pure fundamentals of open markets are not supportive of either a panic dollar collapse or a super spike in oil at this time.

A panic dollar collapse and/or a super spike in oil will only occur if the world elites manipulate the markets behind the scenes that the mainstream media presents to the general public. If a hyperinflation spike occurs at the same time the US stock market collapses, where will your money be safe? No place to run; no place to hide? You will not be able to hide in cash. A sure thing is to pay off your debts and to buy extra long shelf life food for your family. The exact same advice the military commander gave the soldier as described above.

Currently, the oil market has gone down from June 2009. What could immediately reverse the latest trend to cheaper oil? A perceived economic recovery could moderately increase the price of oil. But such a moderate increase would be a reflection of better economic times ahead. That would be good.

However, a bad possibility would be a massive oil spike that results from an Israeli attack on Iran. The world elites could also then use this event as “the excuse” for oil producing countries to sell crude oil in Euros. This in turn would force China and the world to immediately dump the US dollar. Indeed, because the US Dollar is currently on such a weak foundation, any unexpected event that immediately changes the current market fundamentals of either crude oil and/or the US dollar would initiate an emotional chain reaction would result in what we refer to as a panic.

Since the Obama Stock Market Rally began, we have been in the eye of the economic hurricane. Whatever the next adverse event is, to be consistent with the hurricane analogy, the event should be portrayed as originating externally to the United States of America. The reason why the elite need to portray the event as originating externally to the United States is so they can shift the blame away from the US Administration and the Federal Reserve in order to maintain any hope of credibility when they force another “change we need” upon us. Remember in Part A of this article, I made note the May 14, 2009 headline ‘Obama warns Netanyahu: “Don’t surprise me with an Iran strike!”’. I also presented in Part A several other attempts by the world elites to lay the foundation for blaming others in the event of the next crisis.

The bottom line of my best speculation is that by 2010, the dollar will be replaced with some form of a multinational currency as consistent with the written words of the world elite. With one push of a computer keyboard button, all your financial accounts could be converted by a simple mathematic formula to a new currency. America’s financial sovereignty will be gone forever, made possible by the world elite and a rogue Congressional leadership and rogue Administration that considers themselves no longer bound by the original US Constitution. Their higher allegiance is to the world government. If US military troops are deployed within US cities this fall, the above information will serve as proof that the government knew about it ahead of time. If this happens, will you still be in control of your government as guaranteed by terms of the US Constitution or will you be the victim of a world government tyranny in formation?


Practical Application of All information in Parts A, B and C of this article

You have now spent a lot of time carefully reading this article.  What good is information if it remains all head knowledge?  How can you apply it to the real world?

As I made the transition from a medical student to a physician resident, I became keenly aware that head knowledge is far inferior to knowledge you can apply in the real world. The tens of thousands of facts we learned as medical students were at best disjointed pieces of information in our heads. In residency, only after learning how to use some of this information on a practical level did the knowledge become powerful, useful and truly interesting.  The same might be true for you regarding the practical applicability of information presented in this article.

Our residency training programs forced us to focus on the right way to use our head knowledge for practical application.

What then should be your primary focus?

Refocus FIRST on the Lord Jesus Christ:

Always strive first to seek after Him in all things.  If you can achieve this, then He will provide for all you really need in the largest perspective of your life that there is.

Now that I have given you a summary of my best effort speculation, I again want to downplay the speculation!  I must warn you to never put your primary faith or focus in any speculation!  They are all efforts of man.  And so is the scenario above.  Odds are that my best speculation, even though reasonable and researched, will be wrong in major ways not yet known.  Only God knows the future for sure.  And more importantly, only God knows for sure what is best for your specific situation.

For your personal earthly situation and for the purpose of bearing the best fruit for God’s eternal Kingdom, please ask God directly yourself for His wisdom and understanding.  Perhaps He may inspire you to utilize some of the puzzle pieces in Parts A and B to specifically guide you through the next storm in your life; to help you understand what to do or not to do.  He may also inspire you not to use the puzzle pieces or conclusions presented in this article.  But you need to ask!

In order for you to be eligible to receive His wisdom and knowledge, you must fear the Lord with the utmost respect more than you fear earthly circumstances that now confront you, and He will direct your path. You need to maintain a Divine perspective to be eligible to get the key:

Isaiah 33: 5-6 The LORD is exalted, for he dwells on high; He will fill Zion with his justice and righteousness. He will be the sure foundation for your times, a rich store of salvation and wisdom and knowledge; the fear of the LORD is the key to this treasure. NIV

After you do this, then specifically ask God what, if any, information in this article can be used by you to bear fruit for His Kingdom.

God may have you use the information differently than He will direct another to use the information.

It is worth repeating again:  Do not fear your earthly circumstances but turn your perspective around and look for the Lord’s guidance to use all situations good and bad in your life to bear fruit for His bountiful harvest.  You cannot bear fruit for Jesus, without Jesus:

The True Vine is Jesus

John 15:5-8 “I am the vine, you are the branches.  He who abides in Me, and I in him, bears much fruit; for without Me you can do nothing.  If anyone does not abide in Me, he is cast out as a branch and is withered; and they gather them and throw them into the fire, and they are burned.  If you abide in Me, and My words abide in you, you will ask what you desire, and it shall be done for you. By this My Father is glorified, that you bear much fruit; so you will be My disciples.

God communicates with the world in many ways, foremost through His written Word, the Bible.  Thank you for the opportunity for me to share with you some of the unique information and perspectives that I believe the Lord may have orchestrated in my daily life’s path for over the past two years.  I am especially excited to be able to share with you the possibility that God may also be using numbers in major events of the world around us today to speak to His people.  It is my prayer that information shared with you will lead you even closer to the Lord so that you can participate in bearing even greater fruit for His eternal Kingdom!

In the year of our Lord, Jesus Christ, 2009!
Blessed is His Name!

In His Mighty Grip!

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