Back Wall of Economic Hurricane in July 2009? Part A/C

A 3 part article by Michael Magee, MD



I remember a story my Dad once told me that happened in the early 1960’s. It was a very foggy morning in Pittsburgh, PA. He heard an automobile crash on the road down the hill from our house. Knowing the danger for others, he grabbed some flares and ran down to the road. He lit the flares and began waiving them above his head. But, to his horror the oncoming drivers did not heed the warning! One by one, he saw the cars pass by. He then heard their brakes screech and then the crash of metal on metal. He told me a sixty car pile up had occurred. He had done the best he could.

It is in this spirit, well over forty years later, that I write this letter warning of a potential danger immediately ahead.

The world has experienced an unprecedented economic storm over the past year. Some are claiming that the worst is over and we are now recovering. However, as with real hurricanes, those who are physically in the eye of the storm do not know it and are fooled into believing the storm as past. Then unexpectedly to them, the back wall of the hurricane hits with sudden fury. This article warns that we are currently in the eye of an economic hurricane and that the back wall of the storm will soon hit.

The conclusions drawn from the information presented below may not turn out to be correct.


Why am I writing this article? This article contains unique information associated in such a way that I believe you will not find anywhere else in the world.

This unique information points to when a major event may happen to America. Most importantly, if it turns out to be correct, its contribution will be to illustrate one example of how God is using numbers in the world today to talk with His people.

The urgency of getting this message out now

The unique information points to July 2009, next month.

It is much more meaningful and powerful to state accurately and share something before it happens compared to providing rationale why something happened after the fact.

Organization of this article

The information presented below is a lot of information for anyone to absorb. Therefore, I have broken the information up into 3 main sections.

Part A will review the information that is already known by millions and yet not known by billions. Most of this information is not covered by the mainstream media. The information in Part A will be presented in an order that starts with “the big picture” of longer time frames and ends with more recent news headlines. Part A deals primarily with what has happened in the past and what is happening now.

Part B will contain the unique information I have been given. It deals primarily with when something of major significance may happen in the near future.

Part C will contain my best speculation on what, when and how a significant turning point event might happen. I do not expect the completion of whatever this event is until 2010. So we will be talking about a potential event initiated in July 2009 and ending at least six or seven months later.

The types or categories of information contained and their integrated usage within the article

You will soon see that I will be integrating different types or categories of information, as a technique to solve a puzzle of future events. For example, geopolitical information will be tied to economic and financial information, which in turn may also be linked to Biblical prophetic information, which in turn may be linked to secular historical information. Historical information from years ago will be associated with historical information that just happened this month. The unique or esoteric information I will be sharing may act as the glue that puts these different pieces of information together.

The final accuracy of this entire warning is dependent on whether or not I am correct in making links between the different pieces of information.

Part A: What has happened and What is happening: Information that is already known by millions, but not by billions.

I am going to string these facts together so you can follow the information trail. Please read closely. Going from the largest perspective with a longer time frame down to the smaller perspective with a shorter time frame:

The Bible tells us through symbolic language that the earth will be in an one world government when Christ returns. Unwittingly, those who advocate the completion of a new world order may not be fully aware of this. These people will be successful in implementing their new world order, but in the end, all their efforts will go catastrophically awry. They will fail as all efforts of men eventually do apart from the will of God.

William BentonWilliam Benton, US Assistant Secretary of State in 1946 states in a meeting of UNESCO, an organization of the United Nations,

“As long as a child breathes the poisoned air of nationalism, education in world mindedness can produce only precarious results. As we have pointed out it is frequently the family that infects the child with extreme nationalism…The schools should therefore combat family attitudes that favor nationalism as opposed to globalism…We are at the beginning of a long process of breaking down the walls of national sovereignty…”. 1

Paul WarburgJames Paul Warburg, before the US Senate Committee on Foreign Relations on February 17, 1950 states,

“We will have a world government whether you like it or not. The only question is whether that government will be achieved by conquest or by consent.” 1

Judging by how much those who are in power are trashing our US Constitution today, it looks like they are implementing their conquest option.

Now where was James Paul Warburg coming from? Well, his father was Paul Warburg. Paul Warburg was a key player in the creation of the Federal Reserve Bank in 1913 and was the founding director of the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) in 1921. The CFR is a private club of political elites. You might ask,

“Are the Federal Reserve Bank and the CFR linked in some way?”

Answer: Yes.

Over the past 50 years, over 50% of all Presidential cabinet members have also been members of the CFR.1 Therefore, here is the line of powerful influence: International bankers, CFR members in cabinet, US President. Republican or Democratic President: it doesn’t make much difference. The Obama administration is no exception. Despite his campaign promise to get rid of Washington insiders, most of his cabinet members are former Clinton cabinet members.

Richard Gardner, former US Deputy Assistant Secretary of State in the April 1974 issue of Foreign Affairs magazine, the official publication of the CFR writes,

“We are likely to do better by building our house of world order from the bottom up rather than from the top down. An end run around national sovereignty, eroding it piece by piece, is likely to get us the world order faster than the old fashioned frontal assault.” 1

They care more about ”new world order”(NWO)… a global government than they do about American sovereignty.

BTW… Gardner took his own life on May 25, 2003 (Source)

Strobe Talbott, one year before he became the US Deputy Secretary of State under Clinton 1993-2000, wrote in the July 20, 1992 edition of Time Magazine an article entitled, America Abroad: The Birth of a Global Nation. In this article, he states as an optimistic guess that sometime within the 21st century (our century now),

“…nationhood as we know it will be obsolete; all states will recognize a single, global authority.”

After 2000, Strobe Talbott became the president of the Brookings Institute. Out of this institute comes Susan Rice, Obama’s US Ambassador to the UN.

The global warming agenda is not an inconvenient truth, but a purposeful lie. It is a deception that is being utilized by the elites to try to get everyone in the world united on common theme…”We all breathe air, don’t we?” From this theme, the plan is to issue worldwide laws that will supersede national laws and sovereignty, thereby incrementally ushering their new world order, which is world government.

As a stage immediately preceding full implementation of a one world government, the Bible may be describing the existence of ten economic and political entities on the earth. The European Union with its common currency, the Euro, may be one of these ten. (The ten toes in Daniel 2:42.) The Asia Pacific Economic Cooperative (APEC) formed in 1994 and the African Union (2002) could be two others. The North American Community or Union described below may be another soon to come into reality. A dollar collapse may be the planned panic event that is used as the rationale to trick the American public to accept this union.

Falling Dollar

The Bible clearly foretells the scattering of the Jewish people from their homeland Israel to the four corners of the earth and in the last days a physical rebirth of this nation, which did happen in 1948. From 70 AD to 1948, there was no Israel.

The Bible clearly foretells that in the last of days that the large majority if not all nations will oppose Israel. We see this happening more and more in the news every day now.

The Bible clearly foretells that Christ will return during the time of one specific generation that unlike all others preceding it will see and experience an unique [exponential implied] growth in knowledge and in travel. Only the generation of today has ever fulfilled these criteria. Daniel 12.

The Bible clearly foretells a time in which no man rich or poor, free or slave may buy or sell without a number. This reality is not currently in place, but technologically is possible as the world moves to a cashless society and uses only numerical codes to make financial transactions. The most obvious example of this reality is the ever-expanding use of credit cards.

Robert R. Prechter, Jr. has made the historical observation (Amazon References) that in a huge secular collapse normally the first stage collapse is economic and it occurs before the second stage during which major wars occur. The last historical example we see is the economic collapse of the Great Depression, which created the right environment for the rise of Adolph Hitler. After the economic collapse World War II occurred.

We are currently in the worse economic collapse since the 1930’s Great Depression. We are most likely in the first stage of collapse, and it may not yet be over.

The destruction power of mankind is much greater now and more widely available among many countries than existed in the 1940’s when World War II occurred. Over 52 million people died in World War II.

The Bible foretells of a war the will kill 1/3 of all mankind. At the current world population level this would equate to over 2.2 billion people. This would occur in the second stage of a secular collapse.

The United States of America is in more debt than it ever has been and now is spending and printing more money than in any time in its history.

In a June 16, 2009 newsletter Forecasts & Trends, Gary D. Halbert records,

“Using the Obama administration’s own projections, the non-partisan Congressional Budget Office (CBO) estimates that, including the record 2009 budget deficit of $1.85 trillion, and huge annual deficits over 2009- 2019 will result in an additional $11.11 trillion in national debt, on top of the current $11.4 trillion.”

The “Federal Reserve” Bank, which prints the US Dollar, now has to buy US Treasury Notes to make up for the lack of buyers willing to continue to finance our debt.

amschel_mayer_rothschild Mayer Amschel Rothschild (1744 -1812), the godfather of the Rothschild Banking Cartel of Europe, has infamously been quoted as saying,

“Give me control of a nation’s money and I care not who makes the laws.”

The Creature from Jekyll Island: A Second Look at the Federal Reserve (Paperback) by G. Edward Griffin p. 218.

The founding Fathers of this country specifically warned about what would happen if private bankers ever got control of the issuance of money in the country they had just founded. Thomas Jefferson knowing about the Rothschild’s European banking cartel warned about them in an 1802 letter to then Secretary of the Treasury, Albert Gallatin:

“If the American people ever allow private banks to control the issue of their money, first by inflation and then by deflation, the banks and corporations that will grow up around them (around the banks), will deprive the people of their property until their children will wake up homeless on the continent their fathers conquered.” (Quote Reference)

This country through knowledgeable and brave men had managed to block many attempts by the private banking families to fully gain a long term control over this nations money supply until 1913.

In the 1912 Presidential election, the Morgan Bank financed a third party candidate to split the Republican Party vote. Teddy Roosevelt was that candidate and the third party was the Bull Moose Party. This allowed Woodrow Wilson to win and repay the banking cartel with the passage of the Federal Reserve Act of 1913. The vote was slipped through Congress after many had already left for home on Christmas Eve. The practice by Congress of “slipping things into bills” is rampant today.

The Federal Reserve Bank created by the Federal Reserve Act of 1913 is a private banking cartel and the United States Government has no real power over it. Its use of “Federal” in its name is a deliberate deception. It is no more part of the US Government than is Federal Express. See the video “Monopoly Men” and read the book “The Creature from Jekyll Island”.

There truly exists a group of global elitists that control the majority of major events that happen in the world. They must operate behind the scenes in order to be successful and they are very good and experienced in their methods. They are the most powerful people on this earth.

These global elitists and the following entities are strongly related: The Federal Reserve, the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR), and the Bilderberg Group.

Robert Pastor In 2001, Robert Pastor, a prominent member of the Council on Foreign Relations, published the book, Towards a North American Community, in which he passionately advocates the creation of an economic and security zone that unites Canada, The United States, and Mexico. Included is the advocation of a common single currency in this zone (pp. 111 – 115). Look closely at his choice of words written back in 2001:

“This [creating a common currency in North America] is a significant proposal, but also one that will take substantial time for the elites and the public to digest and consider seriously.” (bold italics added for emphasis by me. He is admitting to the existence of the elites!)

In March 2005, the Council on Foreign Relations publishes their Chairman’s Statement entitled Creating a North American Community. On page 6 of this document they advocate

to craft an agenda for the future, we propose the creation by 2010 of a community to enhance security, prosperity, and opportunity for all North Americans.… The boundaries of the community would be defined by a common external tariff and an outer security perimeter. “

Keep this truth prominently in your mind: Back in 2005, the elites wanted to have accomplished their goals by the year 2010. This is now only six months away. Also note their advocation of “an outer security perimeter”. They do not want a secure border between Mexico and the United States. (Article Source)

In May 2005, the CFR task force published Building a North American Community. In this document, they advocate the creation of “a North American economic space” and “spreading the benefits of economic development”. This spreading of the wealth predates Obama’s slip of his true agenda during his campaign and is even bigger than the office of the President of the United States. Listen to their language:

“NAFTA has transformed Mexico, but it has also deepened and made much more visible the divisions that exist in the country…The United States and Canada should establish a North American Investment Fund to encourage private capital flow into Mexico.” (Article Source)

In June 2005, Robert A. Pastor testified before the U.S. Senate Foreign Relations Committee. The title of this testimony is A North American Community Approach to Security. As in the March 2005 publication listed above, Pastor again advocated defending a continental perimeter. This means defending the northern border of Canada and the southern border of Mexico. Also, listen to his choice of elitist words as if he and others know better what is best for the American public at large.

“The U.S., Mexican, and Canadian governments remain zealous defenders of an outdated conception of sovereignty even though their citizens are ready for a new approach.” Page 7

Who is he, or others like him (elitists) to decide what our concept of sovereignty should be? My concept of national sovereignty is to follow and faithfully defend the original Constitution of the United States! And secondly, did he take a vote to support his assertion that “their citizens are ready for a new approach”? They are making this up to support in their words “an agenda”.

In 2006, one year later, it just so happened that there became a public outcry to secure the US – Mexican border! But one year earlier, the elites had already decided they wanted only a outer continental security perimeter and any imposition of a secure border within this defined land mass would be contrary to their agenda. Now you really know why, despite the huge public outcry to secure the US – Mexican border, nothing was done! The public wanted something done, but the elites did not. Who won?

First written in the 1990’s, the second chapter of the book The Creature from Jekyll Island by G. Edward Griffin forewarns that in the future the banking elite cartel will utilize one of their favorite tactics to grow their wealth and power at others expense: The Bailout. The title of the second chapter is: “The Name of the Game is Bailout.” This tactic has now been implemented as planned just as this chapter described it would be. The Federal Reserve and governmental responses to the current economic melt down are at a minimum fully opportunistic and most assuredly driven by the banking cartels. Worse yet, is the potential that the conditions that created the environment for financial bubbles to form may have been encouraged by the banking cartel, although I have absolutely no proof of this.

March of 2008. Over the weekend when the stock markets were not open, the Federal Reserve and Chase Morgan Bank announced a behind the doors deal that they were going to be so gracious as to buy Bear Sterns at a generous $2 per share. The Bear Sterns stock price had closed on Friday one day earlier near $29 per share. No other banks were offered the opportunity to bid on Bear Sterns. If you knew who owns the Federal Reserve and the majority of Chase Morgan, you too would had done a double take immediately as I did at that time. The owners are said to be the same international banking families.

In July and early August of 2008, a pastor named Lindsey Williams appears on several radio programs around the country. He is the author of the book, The Energy Non-Crisis. lindsey_williamsHe claimed (and is still claiming today) that one of the world elites had called him and threatened him if he did not make some changes to his story. Shortly after Pastor Williams complied with the elite’s demands, the elite told him ahead of time about the collapse in the price of oil and the financial collapse that was soon to start. In the month of July crude oil topped at $149 per barrel. Pastor Williams was told it was going down to $50 and very fast. History now shows that this part of the information Pastor Williams was told really did happen. In fact, crude dropped close to $30 per barrel and was held under $50 until recently. The second part of the information that Pastor Williams states the elite had told him has not yet happened. It is the collapse of the US Dollar. Just as the agenda back in Pastor’s 2001 book described. Does any of us have information suggesting the dollar will not collapse that is stronger than what Lindsey Williams was told was going to happen?

The remainder of 2008 is plagued with unprecedented bailouts and collapses of many financial institutions around the world.

Bank of America

May 14 -17, 2009. The annual Bilderberg meeting was held in Athens, Greece. This was a highly secretive meeting of the world elite. Word is that one of the topics to be resolved was whether to make the current still unfolding economic crisis a long term depression like the 1930’s or make it a nasty shorter depression from the depths of which they would promote a faster recovery. Supposedly the nasty shorter depression won out. Stayed tuned and prepare for the back wall of the economic hurricane to hit. It is a planned event.

May 14, 2009. On Israel’s birthday, ‘Obama warns Netanyahu: “Don’t surprise me with an Iran strike!”’ I believe that when the Israeli strike occurs, Obama has already planned his means of deflecting any blame away from himself. Happy birthday Israel!

May 27, 2009. Obama, just as predicted in the scenario I’ll discuss in Part C of this article, took credit for the economic recovery in a speech. Under the deception scenario I will put forth, I expect he will have to take more credit immediately before the crash starts. So expect the markets to be even higher by July 7 – 9, 2009 than it was at the end of May.

May 28, 2009. Arab oil leaders said,

“$75 – $80 a barrel is a fair price for crude.”

Possible Translation: Don’t think it’s unusual if crude oil is at this price range at the final top of the current stock market rally. If true, it would be the insider’s way of disguising their positioning before a major oil super spike.

June 1, 2009. A federal judge approved “giving away” most of Chrysler’s assets to Fiat. Interesting: Note the English definition of fiat –an arbitrary order or decree (Source: The American Heritage Dictionary, 1983). Since America abandoned the gold standard for its currency, the paper dollar is also called a fiat currency, an arbitrary order or decree. Is there prophetic symbolism between the Chrysler give away of wealth to the give away of the value of the American dollar that is occurring?

dollar crashWith the dollar dropping in value in the currency markets for the month of May 2009 and major nations openly urging the replacement of the US Dollar as the world’s main reserve currency, both the Obama Administration and Federal Reserve launched the dollar PR campaign. When the dollar does crash, they both want to make sure it seems like “an accident” and not in any way their fault.

June 1, 2009. Geitner goes to China. There,

“Treasury Secretary Tim Geitner practically got laughed off the stage in China recently when he said China’s $768 billion of U.S. denominated assets were ‘very safe.’ The Chinese see the dollar’s in grave danger…” (Article Source)

Jun 3, 2008. Fed chief Bernanke defended the dollar. The tough talk was intended to put floor under greenback according to analysts. (Article Source)

June 22, 2009. Obama deflected blame away from the Federal Reserve. CNBC quoted Obama saying,

“It was not the FED where financial regulations broke down.”

June 18, 2009. The NY Times reported on proposals to give the Federal Reserve even more power! This flies in the face of House bill HR 1207 that is working its way through Congress to audit and maybe abolish the Federal Reserve. Who will win? Or will it become a moot point soon as a new North American Banking Reserve is created out of the potential upcoming crisis? (Article Source)

June 2, 2009. Obama invited Iranian envoys to US Embassies for Four of July parties! This had recently been referred to by some as “Hotdog Diplomacy”. (Article Source)

June 2, 2009. Israel held it’s largest civil defense drills in the country’s history. I speculate that part of the elite’s plan is for Israel to attack Iran.

June 3, 2009. Israel foreign minister spoke to the news media in Moscow and stated, “We do not intend to bomb Iran…” Having said this, I bet the Russians are going to be very irate if the Israelis do end up bombing Iran soon. This would make some sense; however, as some time in the future the Bible is fairly clear that it will be Russia that leads a coalition of nations against the nation of Israel. Ezekiel 38 & 39 (Battle of Gog and MaGog).

In June 2009, the Western Hemisphere Travel Initiative was fully implemented. This mandate is one that was never considered by Congress yet fully implemented into “law”. Its rules govern travel documents between Canada, Mexico, Bermuda, the Caribbean region and the United States of America. This is the exact same land region described four years earlier in the North American Community agenda documents above. I believe it is hard evidence that despite significant public awareness of what is going on behind the scenes, the elitist agenda is in the process of being fully implemented. (Article Source)

June 24, 2009. Obama stated that we will absolutely pass (socialized) health care this year. Congress is slated to go on vacation Friday, July 17th. If they shove health care down the throats of Americans by then, will the crash start in earnest that weekend?

Conclusion of Part A: The elites of the world have clearly been working towards the creation of a one-world government for many years now. They are patient, driven, and powerful. They have more wealth at their disposal than a thousand Bill Gates and Warren Buffets combined! They heavily control the mainstream media. They strive on public conflict by using it not only to their economic advantage, but also to focus the attention of the public on anywhere and everywhere but on them.

“Pay no attention to that man behind the curtain!” as depicted in the Wizard of Oz movie.

Yes, they must operate clandestinely. Yet they publish much of their intentions by various means, except through mainstream media. Perhaps this is some internal moral code or rationalization:

“Oh, well, we did tell you what we were going to do!”

Could this attitude be their moral equivalent of Mein Kampf? They are persistent from one generation to the next. They will work in small steps they refer to as incrementalism, but will rush in quickly to take full advantage of panics and crises that they may even help to engineer. Haven’t we seen these over the past year?

A North American Union may be part of ten eventual economic and political unions on the earth that precede a fully implemented one-world government.Shred Constitution A collapse of the US Dollar is a stated goal of the world elites and may be the final nail in the US Constitution they use to achieve it. It seems like they are well in the process of simply implementing their pre-published agenda. And by looking at how reckless our politicians have been with our money and property, it appears that the politicians are either being duped, controlled, or even complicit as their “changes we need ” (Obama’s campaign mantra) fundamentally accelerate the potential for a dollar crash. Remember the words of James Paul Warburg, before the US Senate Committee on Foreign Relations on February 17, 1950 states,

“We will have a world government whether you like it or not. The only question is whether that government will be achieved by conquest or by consent.”

Public be damned!

If this economic storm is analogous to a hurricane, do not be deceived…we are now in the eye of the hurricane. In hurricanes, the back wall of the storm is more severe than the front wall of the storm and the wind comes from the opposite direction. If we are in the eye, the back wall should be portrayed by the mainstream media as originating externally from the United States of America because the front wall of the storm was blamed on conditions that originated internally from within the country (the housing and credit bubbles).

Most importantly, during the storm keep your eyes on Christ. Look at the biggest picture of all. On the other side of all the storms in your life, being born again, you will be with Him.

1 World Government Forming Now, with Irvin Baxter (DVD)

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Randall Russell

A student of Biblical Christian Eschatology!


  • Kingdom Studies

    Reply Reply July 5, 2009

    Excellent Excellent article.

    I read this when you posted it and have been on the edge of my seat waiting for the rest of it.

    Looking forward to the next post!

  • Forever Divine

    Reply Reply August 28, 2009

    Leaders of the world are running a system designed to fill their pockets at the expense of the gullible public that is not as well off as the elite. Hopefully, this terrible design will end some day, and if not, we must escape this tyranny in search of a New World Order without money, but driven by patriotism and desire to serve humanity. That will be the beginning of divine order on earth.

  • Rune H

    Reply Reply April 9, 2010

    Well like your president Roosevelt said after the war…”Look to Norway”

    We have no financial crisis because we have some sort of goverment control over the market, plus we the natural resources are plowed into the national treasuary, not in the pockets of the few like in USA and other countries.

    In fact you don t have to look further than Canada to se a better divide of the goods between the public.

    The market needs to be tamed…..sad but true.

    I am so sad to see that many Americans think that the market is manna from above, when the market in “the American way” is just pure greed.

    The health bill is the best thing to happen to America since they the absolution of slavery. Health-care should be a human right, not a way to doom, like it is for those in America that are poor. They get even more poor because they cant afford the health-care and have to mortage their assets to get an operation, and live in debt the rest of their lives.

    In Scandinavia all health care is free of charge, the goverment pays, we have 9 months maturnity leave with full pay, we have 6 weeks fully payed vacation, strong worker protection, and full pay when you are sick from day one.

    So you tell me which system works the pure marketcontrolled system like USA or the “sosialist” way we do in scandinavia??

    I think its sad, but i strongly belive that if not the USA changes its way you will go bancrupt.

    China now in fact can bancrupt USA cos the US owes them tremendous amounts of money. And what do the national tresuary do…they print more money…like that is going to change just makes matters worse in the long run.

    But i hope USA can turn it around, and hope for your sakes you don t put the republicans back in power, because then USA is surely doomed.

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    I like this information given and that has offered myself some sort of inspiration to have success for some factor, so thank you.

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